Emmanuel Gaillard Debate

The second edition of the Emmanuel Gaillard Debate organized by the Arbitration Academy took place on Wednesday, 12 July 2023 in Paris.

In addition to being an outstanding thinker and teacher, Professor Emmanuel Gaillard was also a masterful and fearsome debater. This is how the idea of a debate to commemorate Professor Gaillard came about, with two experts in the field crossing swords over a complex question of international arbitration.

For this edition, Mohamed Shelbaya and Professor Andrea Bjorklund challenged each other on “Shareholder claims: What’s wrong with them?”; a topic that was very dear to Professor Gaillard’s heart.

The Emmanuel Gaillard Debate took place on the Yacht “Le Diamant Bleu” and was followed by a Cruise cocktail, navigating on the Seine.

Here is selection of photos from the evening.