The Arbitration Academy and GBS Disputes celebrate Professor Emmanuel Gaillard’s outstanding career

On the occasion of 10th anniversary of the Arbitration Academy, the Academy and GBS Disputes celebrated Professor Emmanuel Gaillard’s unparalleled contribution to the teaching of international arbitration through the creation of the Academy in 2011, of which he was the first President between 2011 and 2013. The event began with tributes by Professor Daniel Cohen, the Academy’s current President, and Professor Pierre Mayer, who presided over the Academy after Professor Gaillard’s tenure.  The audience then viewed a video presentation recounting 10 years of advanced international arbitration teaching by the Academy’s prestigious Faculty, starting with the first inaugural lecture given by late Professor Pierre Lalive (picture below) and continuing thereafter with contributions from the figures of the international arbitration world.  The video included further tributes to Professor Gaillard by eminent former Academy Faculty members, as well as a number of former students.  The event concluded with Dr. Banifatemi’s announcement, on behalf of the Arbitration Academy and GBS Disputes, of the launch of The Emmanuel Gaillard Debate, a yearly event hosted by the Academy starting in 2022.